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Natural evolution

Within a logic of solidification and restructuring, OTTO changed part of its shareholder structure and replaced by a more focused on developing products, services and solutions to the environmental sector, keeping all privileged relationship, commercial know-how and exclusive supplier to Portugal, Spain, and increasing the scope of the exclusivity of the products of ESE to Angola and Mozambique.

The cooperation between OTTO and ESE remains and creates the conditions for its consolidation as a leading segment of collection banks and recognized for introducing solutions nonexistent in national and international markets.

Faced with these changes and to reinforce its mission to search for the Common Good, OTTO decided to approach even more of its employees, customers and suppliers by creating a new brand that will unite all the others, to convey our entire culture, values and supply and, as of January 1, 2013, the OTTO will be renamed to OVO.

OVO is a new step that will keep us focused on support our customers and business partners to achieve their goals.

OVO is innovation, research, leadership, sustainability and environmentally responsible. We count, as always, with all your trust and we are committed to offer you our products and services with the best quality and always with innovation.

19 of December 2012

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