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Newspaper Água & Ambiente

Água & Ambiente provides its readers with an ample outlook including the most updated information of the environmental sector in Portugal, not only revealing the evolution of different businesses and the development of the main political orientations and decisions, step by step, but also helping understand and anticipating dominant market trends.

Jornal Arquitecturas

Arquitecturas is a reference publication in Portugal and many professionals within the sector consider it an important tool.

Published bimonthly, Arquitecturas follows us the transformation of Portuguese villas and cities, their needs and trends that govern the physical space where they arise. Each edition focuses not only on the evolution of the multiple businesses in each city, but also reports, the development of main guidelines and related policies.

Arquitecturas also follows the evolution of key players within the city markets, with special attention to all the sectors that create or contribute to determine the performance of urban space. 

Editorial contents of this publication are organized into theme areas including: architecture, landscaping, urbanism, urban environment, construction, mobility, equipment and furniture where data is the key component and different business areas are considered.

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