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Sociedade Ponto Verde

Sociedade Ponto Verde SA is a private, non-profit organization that was created in November 1996 with the mission of promoting the national selective collection, recovery and recycling of disposed waste.

WBCSD Portugal - World Business Council for Sustainable Development

WBCSD Portugal – World Business Council for Sustainable Development is a profit association created in October 2001 by the joint initiative of Sonae, Cimpor and Soporcel, members of WBCSD – World Business Council for Sustainable Development, together with other 33 blue-chip national companies, with the mission of introducing the principles of the World Business Council into the country.

The main mission of WBCSD Portugal is to turn the corporate leaders into the catalysts of a change oriented towards a sustainable development and to promote the eco-efficiency and social responsibility within companies.

As from its inception, WBCSD Portugal is a member of the regional network of WBCSD. At present, it has 125 members.

APA - Portuguese Environment Agency

The mission of the Portuguese Environment Agency is to propose, develop and follow up on the implementation of environmental policies, especially in relation to the environmental integration, in sectors' policies such as: health and transport; the areas fighting against weather changes; the protection of the ozone layer; air quality; noise prevention and control; waste; recovery and valuation of soils and other polluted places; the integrated prevention and control of pollution; the prevention of serious industrial hazards; the security of the environment and populations; the ecological labelling, ecological purchases and volunteer systems of environmental management.

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