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  • - Feel the food is in the refrigerator, if frozen, the switch is set at too low temperatures. To save energy, increase the temperature slightly.

  • - If you drive, always use the full tires (substantially reduces fuel consumption).

  • - Mark the calendar: 15 in 15 days, thaw his ark. Excess ice can reduce the circulation of cold air and thus more energy is expended.

  • - Buy food from the region, including fruit and vegetables. In addition to reducing transportation costs (fuel - trip to the supermarket, for example), you are helping the growth of his city.

  • - Plant a tree or flowers in your garden. Thus being absorbed tonnes of carbon dioxide.

  • - Kill weeds pouring in boiling water, they wither and die within hours. There are toxic waste, and children can play safely in those sites.

  • - Fill the entire deposit when using the vehicle. Walking always hand in reserve fuel is necessary to put a series of disruptions of fuel supplies to make small, which means an unnecessary consumption, and reduce the life of the vehicle's fuel pump.


  • - Try not to ride with the windows open when driving at speeds over 80 km / h, this action will provide less aerodynamic drag of the vehicle, reducing its loss of speed.


  • - Get appliances of class A or A + and Class A light bulbs


  • - How to find out if your toilet loses water? Put a few drops of dye in the tank and flushed the toilet water come, no one had pulled the toilet, because there is a leak.

  • - Report to authorities cases of attack or environmental hazard (SOS Line Environment and Spatial Planning - 808 200 520)


  • - When shopping, always carry a canvas bag. Plastic bags emit carbon dioxide and methane, as well as major pollutants: those who never saw huge bags on the ground or at sea? These can take up to 400 years to decompose.

  • - Turn off electronic devices. But off it. By leaving them on stand-by is still wasted energy. If you disconnect the plug, you can save up to 40% energy.

  • - Carbon Footprint Video

  • - The incineration of 10,000 tonnes of waste can only create one job while recycling can provide the same amount the occupation of 40 people?

  • - Daily, each of us is responsible for producing about 1.3 kg of waste? And at the end of one year are nearly 500kg? And that 9% of waste is plastic packaging?

  • - Think again - energy and new technologies



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