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Common Welfare

OVO's vision involves the awareness of people about the need to create a concept of integrated and sustainable city, adapted to the specific characteristics of the population and the historical, cultural and consumer habits of the population.

The search for the Common Good presents itself as the mission of
OVO. By their daily activity, the OVO presents sustainable solutions that enable you to balance the planet and its resources, with a view to more environmentally responsible society.

The mission of OVO is related to environmental awareness.

Populations need to increase their awareness on the importance of behaving sustainably.


Some minor actions could significantly improve the environmental balance of our planet.

Refer to some suggestions made by OVO and Sociedade Ponto Verde::

Glass                        Paper-and-Cardboard                     plastics           Glass                                                    Paper and Cardboard                                            Plastics

Metal                         Wood                                     Environment

         Metal                                                          Wood                                                  Environment

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