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Mission and Objectives


The separate collection followed the technological innovation.


OVO is innovation, research, leadership, sustainability and environmentally responsible. We have a deep know-how acquired over the years by the presence in the Iberian market, as well as a vast knowledge of the trends of the European market in cooperation the ESE.


OVO is to develop solutions for waste management integrated, innovative and sustainable services that respond to the specific needs and characteristics of populations.

Therefore, the main objectives of the OVO activity are:


  • Development of new products to a wider market;


  • Personalized solutions;


  • Modernization of solid waste management and urban;


  • Integration of street furniture in cities;


  • Efficient management,


The vision of OVO is the awareness of the people to the need of creating a concept of integrated and sustainable city, adapted to the specific characteristics of the population and the historical, cultural and consumption habits of the population.

The pursuit of the Common Good presents itself as the mission of the OVO. Through their daily activities, OVO provides solutions that enable sustainable balance the planet and its resources, with a view to more environmentally responsible society.

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