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Since 1995 in Spain and Portugal since 1996, OVO provides a full set of solutions for temporary containerization of waste, urban furniture and services.


Leader in the collection banks in the Iberian Peninsula, and recognized by the introduction of inexistent solutions in the market, has a proven international experience which meets local needs with solutions previously tested, ensuring that the collection of municipal solid waste and be efficient and profitable.


Our main customers are the Associations of Municipalities, Municipalities and Business Services while positioning the company increasingly targeted for the end customer.

We have a management company of Iberia since the year 2010.


Through this vision, we have added value, creativity and sustainability to a traditional brand.


Having a productive unit in Portugal and a R&D center, we can improve product offerings and services.

This plant is located in Moita on a 5,000 m2 area and consists of:

  • A manufacturing area of containers of approximately 2,500 m2;

  • A separate storage park of approximately 2,500 m2;

  • Offices close to the manufacturing area, including the recreational area.

OVO provides specialized consulting and support services in this market area and its activity is divided into three main arenas:

  • Containers: – management solutions of residential, industrial and hazardous waste;

  • Urban furniture: urban furniture and litter bins;

  • Services: container and data management systems.

In order to improve the service and proximity to the end customer in the second half of 2011, OVO reinforce Spain´s the network of distributors, allowing answer more quickly to customer requests.

With an Iberian vision, supported by a potential market of 55 million people, allows us greater sustainability in management, therefore we have:


  • A more efficient logistics;


  • Integrated inventory management;


  • Optimization of overheads;


  • Optimization of production capacity.

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