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Mobility, versatility and antivandalism are the main features of CYCLEA, our large capacity surface container for the selective waste collection.

Included in the portfolio of OVO since 1997, the CYCLEA line of containers for separate waste collection stands out as a great success with its more than 100,000 units sold. The success of this business line lies on the versatility, durability and design typical of all OVO products. The CYCLEA line for separate waste collection harmonizes in an eco-container stand (Ecoponto) with the practical and aesthetics needs of our present world. This large capacity solution developed by OVO grows in line with the current trends of urban furniture and arises as an effective response to the increasing versatile requirements of the present days.

Compact and practical, with an innovative aesthetics, these containers accompany the current trends of modern furniture.

It harmoniously integrates to the diverse and demanding requisites of the modern design. Material of the external cover: Virgin high-density polyethylene, colouring substances and additives for UV protection.


The container frame was developed so that the securing system attaches directly to the metal base and the lower lid by means of support arms, rods or clevis. The frame supports the vertical stresses/forces when the container is handled.

Unloading doors, opening arms and the lifting system are manufactured in high-quality galvanized steel.


-Available capacities: 1.5 m3 and 2.5 m3:


•    Dimensions: 1.80 m (h) x 1.00m (l) x 1.12m (w)
•    Rated capacity: 1.50 m3
•    Geometrical capacity: 1.80 m3
•    Useful capacity: 1.30 m3
•    Wall thickness: 8.00 mm
•    Weight (empty): 135 kg
•    Loading maximum weight (kg): 640 kg
•    Eco-container stand occupation area: 3 aligned Cyclea 1.5 containers: 3.36 m2



•    Dimensions: 1.80 m (h) x 1.30m (l) x 1.12m (w)
•    • Rated capacity: 2.50 m3
•    Geometrical capacity: 2.80 m3
•    Useful capacity: 1.80 m3
•    Wall thickness: 8.00 mm
•    Weight (empty): 155 kg
•    Loading maximum weight (kg): 900 kg
•    Eco-container stand occupation area: 3 aligned Cyclea 2.5 containers with 10 cm clearance: 4.36 m2

The Cyclea container consists of the following pieces:


The slot shapes and the colour of the rings are the basic signals for the identification of the waste to be disposed inside the container. Slots, either one or two, were added to facilitate container use; they comply with current rules:

  • The slot base, regardless their shape, is placed at approximately 1.5 m high to simplify users' access.

  • Their shape hinders common users from removing disposed material or looking inside the containers.

  • Also, the slot design and the container exterior surface avoid rainwater running inside the container.

  • Slots were designed according to the dimensions and positions determined in EN 13071-1.

  • Specially designed containers with larger openings are available upon request. They exceed the requirements set forth in the rules mentioned above.


High-density polyethylene slot with adhesive labelling for waste identification. Containers also have a slotted rubber plate to: Reduce the noise level of containers, protect and safeguard users, offer an aesthetic appearance, reduce odours and avoid insects getting in.



Slot for the disposal of cardboard are rectangular and suited for the disposal of newspapers, magazines and other recyclable papers, residential cardboard packages (boxes, etc.) and other similar materials. These slots are covered by a 3 mm-thick natural black rubber.

Standard slot has the following dimensions: 130 mm high and 890 mm long.


High-density polyethylene and yellow slot; with adhesive labelling for waste identification. These slots are covered by a 3 mm- thick natural black rubber.

Standard slot has the following dimensions: 250 mm high and 280 mm long.

COMMERCIAL DOOR: If needed and an as optional requirement, the CYCLEA container can be manufactured with one or two keyed-doors of 360 mm x 410 mm approximately to facilitate the disposal of waste by large waste producers, such as restaurant, other commercial stores, schools, etc. Available for the disposal of glasses or packages (see model Commercial Door for glass disposal).


Manufactured with high-density polyethylene (HDPE), mass-coloured and with state-of-the-art UV light stabilization treatment (light resistant). A one-piece and seamless container, highly resistant to blows, weather inclemency and temperature variations.

With its waved surface, 8 mm-average thick structure, and thicker reinforcements strategically placed in higher static and dynamic stressed areas, the CYCLEA container features a more resistant and higher durable exterior wall.

The inside walls of Cyclea containers are polished, free from any impurities or burrs.

The waved and rough external surface of the CYCLEA containers efficiently prevents adhesive sticking or graffiti-writing. However, its design includes proper places for container identification plate and logotypes.

Walls are water tight and repeal water.



One Hook

*Pedal ( “Palpeur”
This lifting system is suitable for truck cranes with a simple forklift. The ring is secured on the frame support from which the lower lid is detached.
*Pedal (Palpeur system) This system allows for the automatic opening of the container lower lid as soon as the bottom of the loading truck is touched. Lifting height is minimum. This system is noiseless. In effect, the lower lid opens at its lowest point, thus limiting the garbage disposal height, which is determinant in the case of glass.
Its operation is very safe as it allows for a progressive opening without jeopardizing the deterioration of the garbage involved. After unloading, the mere contact of the door with the truck floor or case will relatch the lid.

Double hook

In this system, the lifting arm is equipped with a double command; while one raises the container and opens the lower lid, the other helps maintain the container at the desired height.
The operation of this system is secured by two sliding rods.
- -The fixation rod lifts the container by tightening the upper section of the lifting arm..
- -This upper section connects to the container frame right where the articulated arms that open
-The exterior rod is attached to the fixed frame.
At the rod end, there is a fixed ring that stabilizes the container at height. Unloading takes place when the lifting head is lowered. The arm mechanism opens the lower lid.
This system allows for an increased control of the container orientation when it is re-placed on the floor and help manoeuvring it with high precision, especially in cities.

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