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Underground systems

Underground systems

OVO is a pioneer in Portugal regarding this type of solutions and was the first company to install underground containers in Lisbon in 1998. This solution was developed based on the experience gained along the years and has already been implemented in Spain, France and Italy; the equipment complies with all safety applicable rules in Europe.

This solution improves life quality of people, as it offers great flexibility during the handling and collection process. It is an efficient solution that can be used with great safety.


Video showing how the container is collected with the Kinshofer lifting system::

Presentation of our underground container – TULIP

TULIP was thoroughly developed by the ESE Group. It is not only an underground solution for storing waste in the public road. It can also be defined as a flexible, efficient and safe system with only two visible elements: the disposal box and the floor base.

Depending on the type of waste to be disposed of, you can choose between 3 m3, 4 m3 or 5 m3-containers.

This product has already been installed in Portugal, Spain, France and Italy and has been optimized since its creation back in 2007.

 Main product features include a safety platform, a metal container and the pre-manufactured concrete box.

A lifting system is used to collect the waste. Such system can be adjusted to the local systems available: simple ring, double ring, Kinshofer, etc.

During the collection process, the safety platform pushes the container up to the pavement level so that waste can be collected under fully safe conditions.



Concrete boxes to be installed were specially designed for underground containers. Reinforced pre-manufactured concrete with reinforcements in A500N, steel is used so that the box can stand high water-table levels. Concrete boxes vary only in height in order to house containers with different capacities (3, 4 or 5 m3).



Formed by a hot-dip galvanized steel structure with 2 counterweights, and a pulley system with protected rods to prevent operators or other participants from falling into the box during the collection process. During the operation, the platform rises to the pavement level. It is capable of lifting up to 150 kg (average weight of 2 persons). There is an inspection door on the platform to be used for supervising or executing maintenance tasks.



 Underground container: Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet container of 3, 4 or 5 m3. Depending on the selected system, there are 1 or 2 doors in its bottom side that restrain solid waste and can be used as water retention basin with variable capacities of 220-250 litres, depending on the number of doors. Steel sheet doors (St. 37.2) have a welded structure and hot-dip galvanized coating. Other pieces are made of pre-galvanized steel sheets and rivets.



The floor base can be easily installed on the existing pavement. It is made of rugged steel sheet (anti-slip) with hot-dip galvanized coating. Existing pavement before installation can be placed back or, alternatively, an EPDM rubber base can be installed.



It is the system used to collect and manage the underground containers. Pieces are made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and include welded elements with the same treatment.
We have included some of the most frequently used systems in Portugal below. It is possible to add other systems also available in the local market.



It is the place where waste is deposited before falling into the underground container. The slot in the disposal box is special and has been adapted to each type of waste to be stored.
The boxes have a welded structure and are manufactured with DKP sheets, followed by cataphoresis treatment and colour-epoxy paint (anti-rust treatment). Boxes can also be manufactured in stainless steel.


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